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QBC STAR Point Of Care Haematology System

Product name

The QBC STAR haematology system is a point of care analyser that produces a 9-parameter haematology screen in just 7 minytes, without the need for bulky, liquid reagents. It works on dry reagent technology therefore requires no routine servicing or maintenance, is easy to use and can be used in the most remote/rural of environments. 9 Clinically Significant Parameters: Haematocrit Haemoglobin MCHC Platelet count White blood cell count Granulocyte count Granulocyte percentage Lymphocyte / monocyte count Lymphocyte / monocyte percentage After analysis, the QBC STAR haematology analyser displays the nine clinically significant parameters, both on the LCD screen and on a hard copy printout for records. The QBC STAR Point Of Care haematology system can change the way you collect and analyse samples. The difference lies in the QBC STAR™ tube - the only consumable required for testing.

Product code 203495