Mediscore and Lagaay International will continue together under the name Lagaay Medical with the same service you are used to.

What is the Medical Care System?

The Medical Care System (MCS) is a comprehensive inventory management system which tracks the inventory on board the vessel, rig or hospital. Based upon alerts sent automatically from the MCS, the user replenishes the medical stock as needed based upon the expiry dates of the products.

What are considered to be restricted items?

Restricted items are items that have a transport restriction and therefore cannot be airfreighted. These items can be divided in three categories:

• Narcotics or controlled drugs. There seems to be a legislative paradox regarding the supply of medication to the Shipping and Offshore industry. The different regulations state that vessels need to be compliant to the applicable regulation, however the different laws on controlled drugs (narcotics) prohibits pharmacies worldwide to freely trade these controlled drugs between countries. To solve this issue Lagaay hasbuilt up a worldwide network of local partners that help out with the local supply of these controlled drugs. As not all drugs are available in every country, the possibility might be limited to the supply of a local substitute or no delivery at all. What is to be considered as controlled drugs also differs per country.

• Flammables (such as spray cans and alcohol).

• Medical oxygen

• Refrigerated items (medicines that have to be kept cool).

The transport restrictions of the products of these last two categories are limited in the sence that they could be transported as long as they are packed in a certain way (extra time and extra costs) or transported in a correct fashion.

Regulations, how does it work?

The supply of the medical outfitting on board of vessels worldwide needs to be done in accordance to the applicable regulation. Which regulation needs to be followed, depends on the flag state of the vessel (so a Danish flagged vessel, needs to be in accordance with the Danish regulation). If it is clear which regulation (medical outfitting) needs to be on board of a vessel, the following aspects determine the quantities and content of the regulation:
1)    The amount of crew on board
2)    Is the vessel certified to carry dangerous cargo (IMDG, MFAG, PTC, etc.)
3)    Is the vessel sailing worldwide or does the vessel stay close to shore
       (<200 nm.)
4)    How many lifeboat kits does the vessel need
5)    Will the vessel be trading in a Malaria infested area

Questions and updates on regulations can always be addressed to Lagaay International, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Please also see our Regulations.

As the content of the regulation (medical chest) is mostly used for emergency situations on board, it is wise to only use it for these type of situations. Day to day medication can always be ordered separately and can be kept in the different first aid kits on the bridge, in the engine room or in the galley.