Mediscore and Lagaay International will continue together under the name Lagaay Medical with the same service you are used to.

Medical care system

‘Let us do your work!’

With over a century of experience, we have learned that managing the medical stock on board can be a burden for our customers.

Therefore Lagaay has created a service (free of charge) called the Medical Care System (MCS). With the MCS Lagaay consolidates the ordering of the medicals to one stock-up order per year (six months or other options are also possible).

We automatically notify our customers in advance when certificates and thus stock on board will expire. This system reduces the handling and transport costs of ordering every single time an article expires.

Finally the costs for the stock-up order reduces after the first and second year supply, because most items that Lagaay supply have an expiry date of two to three years.

With the Medical Care System we take C.A.R.E. of your medical stock on board:

Recertification / reflagging

With our extensive knowledge of marine and offshore regulations, we are able to check and certify any medical outfitting on board. Please click here for the most common flag states and applicable regulations.Lagaay certificates are highly recommended all over the world and guarantee the quality of the medical outfitting on board. We have representatives in ports all over the world, who can assist in providing our customers with any medical requests. Please contact our sales department for specifics.

Whenever a ship changes flag, the medical stock needs to be updated according to the new flag state regulation. We can help with this process by recertifying the medical locker according to the new regulation whilst using the existing medical supplies on board. This way we can update your medical outfitting in the most cost effective way. 


Our dynamic organization supplies complete medicine chests according to various regulations and is in close contact with Ministries of Health and regulators all over the world. We keep our customers updated on any upcoming changes in regulations. Please see underneath a list with links to most common regulations;


Lagaay is able to service your requests on all continents. With our excellent network of freight forwarders and agents, we cover about 90% of the globe. Through the years, Lagaay has built up a global network of local partners, which helps our customers with the supply of items that have a transport restriction. Please see below a list of the main regions where we supply*:
  • All of EU
  • United States & Canada
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • South & West Africa
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • United Arabian Emirates
  • Australia- Japan
*Because this list is constantly updated, please always inquire about the possibilities through