Mediscore and Lagaay International will continue together under the name Lagaay Medical with the same service you are used to.

Who we are

Lagaay Medical BV is a leading worldwide medical supplier based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The company was founded in 1879 and has extensive experience in supplying medicals to Marine, Offshore and Remote locations. In our 8000 m2 warehouse, we keep stock of over 10.000 different medical products.

Our markets include maritime (cruise and luxury yachts and commercial shipping lines), offshore and remote locations worldwide. Since we are in close contact with the different regulative authorities worldwide, we know what needs to be on board. Furthermore, our products have customized and multilingual labels for easy reference and usage on board.

About us


With over a century of experience, we have learned that managing the medical stock on board can be a burden for our customers.

Medical Care System

At Lagaay, we prioritize safety by offering a comprehensive quality control system, the Medical Care System.


Lagaay Medical swiftly supplies medicines, medical equipment and other safety products to major ports worldwide.


Lagaay Medical has a broad range of products which varies from medicines to consumable and from medical equipment to all types of kits.

Adding value for both suppliers and customers

We offer our customers a wide portfolio of medicines, medical equipment and safety products while adhering to strict compliance standards. We are able to supply 18 complete regulations (WHO, MCA MSN 1905, etc.) directly from our stock. With our Medical Care System, we consolidate ordering to one stock-up order per delivery and automatically notify our customers when certificates and stocks will expire, thus reducing handling and transport costs.

With our suppliers, we engage in mutually beneficial relationships, seeking to simplify the supply chain whilst enabling them to grow their business by providing them with global access to niche markets, market intelligence and customer expertise.


Bayers Contour Normal Control 2.50ml, 1pce


Advil 5% gel fast free 60g, 1pce xqw


Strepsils lozenges orange/vitamin C, 24pcs