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Wheelchair Foldable 50cm 150kg, 1pce

Product name

With an adjustable seat (47 - 51 cm), leg supports are pivotable to the inside and to the outside. Standard wheel extension and stub axles. The steel-version has got a weight of 20 kg and it is available with seat width 43 - 45 cm and with 48 - 50 cm. Easily mountable desk- and long version of the folding side parts. -Seat width: 45 / 50 cm -Width total: 65 cm / 70 cm -Width folded: 30 cm -Seat depth: 42 cm -Footrest, length: 38 cm - 46 cm adjustable -Backrest: 38 cm -Armrest separation to the seat: 22 cm -Total height: 91 cm -Total depth: 100 cm -Seat height, front: 51,5 cm -Seat height, back: 49 cm -Weight: 20,5 / 21,5 kg -Max. total load: 150 kg -Standard equipment: Punctureproof tyres

Product code 299055