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Wheelchair Foldable 45cm width 150kg, 1pce

Product name

The Excel G3 'Eco, a foldable wheelchair takeout. Handiness and comfortIMG 6551-250 combined in ditmodel, which is easily adjustable to individual needs for occasional use. The Excel G3 'Eco` is a wheelchair with many possibilities. This wheelchair is easy through the simple folding frame in use. From these basic transport wheelchair is already provided very extensive. For example, the Excel G3 'Eco`standaard comes with; adjustable duwhandvaten, footrests with adjustable lower leg length, angle adjustment of the base plates, revolving and retractable armrests and 24 "PU rear wheels fitted with quick release axles. Optionally, it is possible to half-folding back on the Excel G3 'Eco` to assemble. This makes the Excel G3 'Eco` easier to carry.

Product code 299045