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Thermo-hygrometer HI9565 with 1m cable, 1pce

Product name

The Hanna HI 9565 portable thermo-hygrometer is designed to measure relative humidity and temperature in difficult environments and poorly lit areas. A particularly fast response time offering near instant results for relative humidity plus the added advantage of being able to measure dewpoint make this instrument ideal for rapid monitoring in controlled micro-climates. Ideal for Measuring in restricted locations such as air conditioning ducts Monitoring microclimates in greenhouses Maintaining controlled climate in libraries and museums Clean rooms and laboratories Key features Fast response time Probe is attached to a long 1m cable permitting improved access for testing in awkward conditions Dewpoint can be measured and displayed at the touch of a button - particularly useful in microclimate testing Backlit LCD display provides good visibility in low ambient light levels - ideal for museums and libraries HOLD key freezes readings on display allowing time to record data Robust casing with splashproof keyboard Temperature readout available in either °C or °F Fast response probe incorporates microprocessor for calibration data storage Main benefits Fast response with direct readout of relative humidity without the need for reference charts Includes automatic dewpoint calculation Built-in temperature sensor with auto shut-off Designed to aid monitoring in restricted spaces

Product code 210055