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Catheters set Thieman/Nelaton size 10/18, 1pce

Product name

Set of Thieman/Nelaton Catheters: Nelaton catheter: - Designed for short term bladder catheterization through urethera. - Manufactured from Medical Grade PVC compatible with catheter lubricants. - Frozen surface tubing for super smooth intubation. - Coned distal end for atraumatic catheterization. - Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage. - Radio opaque line provided throughout the length of the catheter for X-Ray visualization. - Universal funnel shape connector for easy connection to urine bag. - Sterile- ready for use. Thieman catheter: One-way catheter. Made of thermosensitive material with a non-traumatic finished tip and lateral openings. The catheter itself is transparant but it comes equiped with a color coded connector. The length of the catheter is 40 cm. It is suited for men with an enlarged prostate. Charrière 12.

Product code 256458