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Atrium Oasis Dry Suction chest drain 6

Product name

Atrium Oasis Dry Suction chest drain 6 offers the ultimate in fast set-up and patient safety by including pre-packaged sterile water to fill the water seal along with unsurpassed knock-over protection. The next generation Oasis chest drain with its easy to use handle, combines the ultimate in adjustable vacuum control with its state-of-the-art dry suction regulator with a fully calibrated water seal. - Universal water seal technology with air leak monitor for patient air leak trending - Internal knock-over nozzles to reduce inter-chamber fluid spills - Highly visible suction indicator - Convenient fingertip suction adjustment from -10 to -40 cmH2O (pre-set at -20 cmH2O) - In-line connector with needleless access sampling port - Large, easy-to-grab handle and flexi-hangers allow the drain to be hung bedside from a single point - High negative and positive pressure relief valves for patient protection - Large, easy-to-read graphics provide fast, accurate drainage assessment - Removable slide clamp

Product code 200915