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Curafix IV fixation plaster 9x6cm sterile, 1pce

Product name

What makes the Curafix IV Control cannula retention dressing impressive is its straightforward construction from nonwoven/film laminate. This design makes it much simpler to apply: Curafix IV Control is applied in the same way as a standard nonwoven adhesive bandage: there are no difficult-to-use grip tabs or complicated application techniques. This means a reduced workload and, more particularly, increased safety for healthcare professionals and the patients. Curafix® IV Control protects against infection Curafix® IV Control is bacteria-proof. Furthermore, the tight seal and all-over film lamination ensure reliable protection against infection. The washable retention dressing is also disinfectant-resistant. Curafix IV Control’s latex-free nonwoven/film lamination is very permeable to water vapour, which prevents moisture build-up. The retention dressing can be worn for several days.

Product code 005080