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PAX-Dura Backpack Wasserkupp red empty, 1pce

Product name

This PAX Backpack Dura Red Empty has a size-adjustable hiking backpack carrying system that makes very long carrying times comfortable. This carrying system, which is designed for heavy loads, transfers the weight onto the hips and reduces the amount of weight on the shoulders. Can be adjusted to the size of the wearer (back lengths of up to 45cm). The carrying system can be packed away for storage using a detatchable cover. Fully reinforced and padded, this product is designed for daily use. Shoulder straps can be removed if required. Measures: 55cm x 55cm x 40cm. Weighs: 5.9kg (empty). The PAX-Dura material is characterised by its exceptional high tear strength and abrasive resistance. The material is waterproof and retains this property even after being used for a long time. For these reasons PAX-Dura is ideal to meet the demands of any emergency service provider which operates in inhospitable environments, such as mountain rescue or the fire service. Specifications: Woven fabric: nylon 6.6 min. 1100dtex polyurethane-coated on one side. Fabric weight approx. 390g/m2

Product code 295420