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Laerdal V-Vac Handsucction start kit, 1pce

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The V-VAC manual suction is chosen because of its one-handed operation, the disposable pump in one piece, and the unique non-slip nozzle. Adjustment for high- and low pressure aspiration Powerful: - maximum suction power greater than 380mmHg. maximum airflow is greater than 70 liters per minute Equipped with a unique nozzle that is not fixed sucks Versatile catheter connection disposable pump in one piece The reusable handle, you can immerse in cleaning V-VAC handafzuigapparaat, starter kit we supply standard * with one handle, two replacement pumps, short aspiration catheter adaptertip, double male connection and user 1. The V-VAC unit fits easily into a suitcase First Aid. A carrying case is also available separate. 2. The soft end of the valve has deep recesses and thus prevents both damage to the soft tissue as the tip touches the back of the throat as occlusion of the tube. Tri-cut valve prevents backflow of aspirated material. V-VAC Training Kit we supply standard * with one handle, training pump for emptying and cleaning stopper, catheter adaptertip, double male connection and user

Product code 200875