Mediscore and Lagaay International will continue together under the name Lagaay Medical with the same service you are used to.

Seton Tubinette No.1 tubular connection 20m, 1pce

Product name

Surgical stockinettes are used to hold dressings securely in place and to protect clothing from ointments and creams. Tubinette is made from 100% rayon and is intended for use where dressings have to be changed frequently. - Hold dressings comfortably and securely in place - Quick and easy to apply, with or without applicator - Range of eight sizes makes it easy to retain dressings anywhere on the body - Choice of fabric types for a wide range of applications - Cost-effective option for dressing retention and dermatological covering

Product code 203680 IMPA 391818/391026/392010 Law code II.2.04