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Malaria Test Kit with 3 tests, 1pce

Product name

The NADAL® Malaria 4 species Test Cassette from Nal von Minden is an immunological rapid test with two test lines for the differential qualitative detection of malaria on the histidine-rich protein II (HRP II) and pLDH (Plasmodium lactate dehydrogenase). The test enables differential diagnosis in human whole blood samples between Malaria tropica (ICD-10: B50), characterised by a particularly severe progression and caused by Plasmodium falciparum (P.f.), Malaria quartana (ICD-10: B52) caused by Plasmodium malariae (P.m. ), Malaria tertiana (ICD-10: B51), caused by Plasmodium vivax (P.v.) and Plasmodium ovale is diagnosed via the HRP II - test line (specific for P.f.) and over the pLDH test line (specific for P.f., P.v., P.m., P.o.).

Product code 297490 Law code G.3